Portraiture to Release Sophomore EP

NYC art-rock practitioners are slated to release their new, seven-song EP in the fall of 2016.

Listen to live tracks and other gems at until then…



“A New Kind of Hero”
(Children’s Rock Musical)

​​Caroline Miller a summer touring with Surflight-to-Go, and learned about their mission, and the kind of difference educational musicals can make in kids’ lives. When she found out that they needed a new environmental show, she jumped at the chance. Caroline wanted to be a part of filling a need, and she got to stretch creatively at the same time.  Surflight picked up her show and toured it throughout New York and New Jersey in 2013.

A New Kind of Hero was adapted in 2014 as an interactive album-style musical experience. This is the debut album of composer/performer Caroline Miller, in collaboration with Nathan Siler as arranger, producer and engineer and it was made possible with funding raised through a successful Kickstarter Campaign. ​

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Jellyfish “Spilt Milk” (1993 Album of the Year)

to be performed by the RoKademy Experiment

This has been one of the most difficult – and rewarding – transcription jobs for Siler.  The RoKademy Experiment is a band of 7th through 12th graders who learn and perform an iconic concept album once a year (previous years include The Beatles’ “Abbey Road,” Radiohead’s “OK Computer,” and an original rock musical by Matthew Alvin Brown and Nathan Siler called “Theo and the Magic Road.”)  No printed music was available.

Siler was called upon to transcribe every track and every instrument for RoKademy, which consequently added him to the cadre of believers that “Spilt Milk” is one of the finest albums of the 20th Century.

Ghost at Number 1 Jpeg